Fencing Sports Academy Dominates the Podium at Fairfax Challenge RJCC/RYC !

Fencing Sports Academy fencers dominated the Fairfax Challenge RJCC/RYC held this past weekend April 6th & 7th 2019. FSA Fencers combined for a total of 41 Medals at this event. 11 gold medals, 5 silver, 9 bronze medals, and 16 top 9 medals. Take a look below to see the breakdown of medalists and photos from the event in the gallery!

Gold Medals

  • Y14 Women’s Foil Tucker Alarcon, Ariadna
  • Junior Men’s Epee Wimmer, Chandler (Earned B19)
  • Y10 Women’s Foil Tucker Alarcon, Frida
  • Y10 Men’s Epee Wimmer, Nathaniel
  • Junior Women’s Epee Tucker Alarcon, Ariadna (Earned B19)
  • Y12 Men’s Foil Graham, Roy
  • Junior Women’s Epee Husisian, Hadley
  • Y10 Men’s Foil Tang, Albert
  • Y12 Women’s Foil Soldatova, Maria
  • Cadet Women’s Foil Tucker Alarcon, Ariadna
  • Cadet Men’s Epee Wimmer, Chandler (Earned C19)

Silver Medals

  • Y12 Men’s Foil Orlov, Dmitriy
  • Y12 Women’s Epee Kee, Bea Isabelle
  • Cadet Men’s Foil Walter, Evran
  • Y14 Men’s Foil Graham, Roy
  • Y12 Women’s Foil Tucker Alarcon, Frida

Bronze Medals

  • Y14 Men’s Epee Kropp, Jack
  • Y10 Women’s Foil David, Lilou
  • Y10 Men’s Epee Kim, Brandon
  • Y12 Men’s Foil Song, Austin
  • Cadet Men’s Foil Suringa, William (Earned D19)
  • Y14 Women’s Epee Richardson, Lauren
  • Y10 Men’s Foil Lin, Michael
  • Y10 Women’s Epee Qiu, Emily
  • Cadet Men’s Epee Kropp, Jack

Top 8 Medals

  • Y14 Women’s Foil Soldatova, Maria
  • Y14 Men’s Epee Jeyoon, Ryan
  • Y12 Men’s Foil Knizhnik, David
  • Y12 Men’s Foil Lin, Michael
  • Y12 Women’s Epee Qiu, Emily
  • Cadet Women’s Epee Kim, Elizabeth
  • Y14 Men’s Foil Lee, Aidan
  • Y14 Men’s Foil Allampallam, Maanav
  • Y14 Men’s Foil Qiu, Daniel
  • Y14 Women’s Epee Desai, Meera
  • Junior Women’s Epee Desai, Meera (Earned D19)
  • Y12 Men’s Epee Wimmer, Nathaniel
  • Junior Men’s Foil Lopez, Carlos
  • Junior Men’s Foil Gu, Jeffrey
  • Cadet Women’s Foil Guan, Grace
  • Cadet Men’s Epee Kim, Minjun
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