Train Today at Fencing Sports Academy

Fencing Sports Academy (FSA) is the premier epee, foil, and sabre fencing club in the Washington, DC area.

Ranked one of the best fencing clubs in the United States, our programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of fencers. Superb coaches ensure that the basics are taught correctly to beginners, laying a solid foundation for future world-class fencers.

On the local, national and international level, FSA coaches ensure that competitive youth and adult fencers reach their goals. This is the case for fencers of any age aspiring to advance their rankings, upgrade their ratings and gain medals. Fencers who enjoy the sport for recreational purposes, delve into its spirit and physical fitness at their individual level.

World-Class Coaches

Our world-class coaches have extensive experience developing fencers through classes, private lessons, and competitions.

FSA takes pride in providing the highest quality of coaching. This includes developing training plans based on the cycle of competitions, individual goals of the fencers, as well as the specific conditioning of fencers. Deficiencies are presented and addressed with exercises ensuring bilateral balance in the fencers.

To ensure success of our fencers, our coaches have undergone extensive training at nationally recognized institutions and are certified from these institutions to coach all 3 weapons. Along with specific coaching expertise our coaches are trained as referees. This enables them to understand how actions are called and adapt during strip coaching and in the preparation for competitions.

Why the Fencing Sports Academy

Our experienced coaches will help you prepare yourself physically and mentally for success on and off the piste!

​The Fencing Sports Academy pairs a friendly, encouraging environment with the expertise of professional coaches, bringing out the best in our athletes. When entering our facility, you’re greeted by the metallic ring of the fencing swords striking and the laughter of happy students. You’ll see our coaches interacting with students, providing knowledge, insight, and encouragement.

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