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FSA offers a wide variety of training packages for anyone interested in fencing. Want to be the next olympic gold medalist? Train with former Olympians as coaches! We also offer after school programs, home school programs, and remote training via online video.

Birthday Parties and Events

Having a birthday soon? Want to hold an event? Plan a unique event by celebrating with us!

Weekly Classes

Become a member of Fencing Sports Academy and take weekly classes. We offer a wide range of times during the week.

Private Lessons

Ready to up your training? add private lessons ito the mix to get one on one coaching time to improve your skills.

Elite Package

We offer an elite package for those willing to put in the time to go for the gold!


Fencing Sports Academy has a wide range of class offerings. We have classes for every fencing level along with special classes to work on footwork/Drills. We also offer home school programs and afterschool programs. Private Lessons are available in blocked times scheduled throughout the day when the club is open. Please contact us if you are interested in trying a class! We offer a free trial to prospective fencers.

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Private Lessons

Fencing Sports Academy Offers one on one private lessons with our coaches for our members. In these lessons the coach will individually tailor drills and exercises that the student needs to continue to advance in their training. Lessons can be booked in 20 minute increments through our office. We offer the ability to schedule recurring lessons from week to week or month to month. Private lessons are available throughout the day when the club is open. Coach availabilty is dependent on class scheduling.

We ask that you arrive early before your lesson in order for you to properly warm up.

Birthday Parties

Come Celebrate your birthday with us at Fencing Sports Acadamy!! During your 2-hour party, you and your guests will learn a brief history of fencing, and with the help of our superb coaches, be in authentic fencing competition gear in no time. See who is the best among your group of friends in an exciting way to celebrate your birthday.

We provide an area with tables and chairs for you to celebrate with cake and food after the bouting takes place. We also allow an additional 30 minutes before and after the party for set-up and clean-up​.