Recent Medals for FSA Fencers!

FSA had 88 entries in the tournament and returned with 30 medals. 7 Gold, 2 Silver, 10 Bronze, and 11 Top 8 Medals. Fencing Sports Academy outpace all other clubs by a land slide. This is a testament to all the hard work by the fencers and coaches. Congratulations to all who participated in the event! Take a look below to see the breakdown of medals and some photos from the event!


  • Meera Desai Junior Women’s Epee Gold
  • Emily Qiu Y10 Women’s Epee Gold
  • Ariadna Tucker Alarcon Cadet Women’s Foil Gold
  • Ariadna Tucker Alarcon Junior Women’s Foil Gold
  • Frida Tucker Alarcon Y12 Women’s Foil Gold
  • Jack Kropp Y14 Men’s Epee Gold
  • Dai Long Tran Junior Men’s Epee Gold
  • Carlos Lopez Junior Men’s Foil Gold


  • Lilou David Y10 Women’s Foil Silver
  • Murad Mohamed Y14 Men’s Foil Silver


  • Michael Lin Y12 Men’s Foil Bronze
  • Michael Lin Y14 Men’s Foil Bronze
  • Emily Qiu Y12 Women’s Epee Bronze 
  • Maria Soldatova Y14 Women’s Foil Bronze
  • Jonathan Yu Cadet Men’s Foil Bronze
  • Evran Walter Cadet Men’s Foil Bronze
  • Reagan Nix Y10 Women’s Epee Bronze
  • Julia Peeler Cadet Women’s Epee Bronze
  • Sophia Kim Y10 Women’s Foil Bronze

Top 8

  • Bea Isabelle Kee Y14 Women’s Top 8
  • Thomas Mcallister Y10 Men’s Foil Top 8
  • Dmitriy Orlov Y12 Men’s Foil Top 8
  • Daniel Qiu Y14 Men’s Foil Top 8
  • Maria Soldatova Cadet Women’s Foil Top 8
  • Catherine Witter Y12 Women’s Epee Top 8
  • Jonathan Yu Junior Men’s Foil Top 8
  • Daniel Stevens Cadet Men’s Epee Top 8
  • Julia Peeler Y14 Women’s Epee Top 8
  • Amir Mohamed Y14 Top 8
  • Anne Kropp Y10 Women’s Epee Top 8