Fencing Sports Academy’s Fencers Dominate Fairfax Challenge: Capture 30 Medals in One Glorious Weekend!

​Fencing Sports Academy’s Fantastic Youth Fencers dominated the Fairfax Challenge RYC #1 Region 6 competition. As a club we had 55 fencing entries compared to the next closest competitor at 32 entries, FSA fencers captured an amazing total of 30 medals, including 5 GOLD, 6 SILVER, 6 BRONZE and 14 Top-8 Medals. By comparison, the nearest next competitor in the Washington, DC area got only 18 medals. Nobody came even close to the number of GOLD and SILVER medals that FSA fencers captured. Well done fantastic fencers and coaches.


  • Nathaniel Wimmer – Y8 Mixed Epee
  • August Tang – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Nathan Wimmer – Y10 Men’s Epee
  • Aileen Zhao – Y10 Women’s Foil
  • Ariadna Tucker Alarcon – Y12 Women’s Foil


  • Frida Tucker Alarcon – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Gabriel Castro – Y10 Men’s Foil
  • Frida Tucker Alarcon – Y10 Women’s Foil
  • Ritika Jha – Y12 Women’s Epee
  • Jeffrey Gu – Y14 Men’s Foil
  • Ariadna Tucker Alarcon – Y14 Women’s Foil


  • Quinlan Garcia – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Alexander Tang – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Andrew Kee – Y10 Men’s Foil
  • Meera Desai – Y10 Women’s Epee
  • Kevin Liu – Y14 Men’s Foil
  • Ritika Jha – Y14 Women’s Epee

Top 8 Medal

  • John Park – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Ethan Cho – Y8 Mixed Foil
  • Santiago Lecky – Y10 Men’s Foil
  • Ethan Cho – Y10 Men’s Foil
  • August Tang – Y10 Men’s Foil
  • Ayla Hanson – Y10 Women’s Epee
  • Chandler Wimmer – Y12 Men’s Epee
  • William Suringa – Y12 Men’s Foil
  • Andrew Kee – Y12 Men’s Foil
  • Jasmine Adolphe – Y12 Women’s Epee
  • Drew Mitchum – Y14 Men’s Epee
  • Evran Walter – Y14 Men’s Foil
  • Drew Mitchum – Y14 Men’s Foil
  • Kalina Boshkovska – Y14 Women’s Epee

Congratulations to all the fencers who participated in this event. The coaches and staff here at Fencing Sports Academy are proud of your accomplishments!!

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