Fairfax Challenge RJCC Region 6

FSA Fencers competed in Baltimore, MD, at the Fairfax Challenge on March 24 and 25, 2018. The Academy of Sports fencers won several medals at the RJCC Region 6 Fairfax Challenge. Here is the medals for FSA:

  • Zhang Andrew, Cadet U16 Men’s Epee. Bronze
  • Walter Evran, Cadet U16 Men’s Foil. Bronze
  • Gu Jeffrey, Cadet U16 Men’s Foil,Top 8 Medal.
  • Husisian Hadley, Cadet U16 Women’s Epee. Gold
  • Kim Caroline, Cadet U16 Women’s Epee. Top 8 Medal.
  • Tucker Alarcon, Ariadna, Cadet U16 Women’s Foil. Gold
  • Lee Woosuk, Junior U16 Men’s Epee. Top 8 Medal.
  • Gu Jeffrey, Junior U16 Men’s Foil. Bronze
  • Husisian Hadley, Junior U16 Women’s Epee. Gold
  •  Kim Elizabeth,  Junior U16 Women’s Epee. Top 8 Medal.
  • Tucker Alarcon Ariadna, Junior U16 Women’s Foil. Gold

Congrats to all our fencers!